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…and it has been 4 years since my last post.

Wow. Time flies when you’re doing OK.

Returned from my yearly Mayo trip last week and things are exactly as they’ve been for the past four.

Static tumors, relatively little to no growth, and no issues to be concerned about for another year.

My blood pressure continues to be wildly over-ambitious, but the fistful of daily medication seems to keep it reasonably under control. Fatigue is still an issue, but I’ve resolved to get on a better exercise regime to counteract that. It’s always a juggling act as the exercise can exacerbate the blood pressure easily, but I’m confident I can find the sweet spot.

Other than that, I tend to not think about my illness from the big picture standpoint. Day-by-day and all that. Life is good. Damn good.

7 years ago I was convinced the end was nigh. Statistics bore that out. But just as I was going against the odds to have such a rare disease, the odds seem in my favor now for how it is affecting me.

My plan this week is to continue celebrating and buy a new car.

As always, thank you for all of the support and well-wishes.


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