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Extra Mayo

What the hell was I thinking scheduling a trip to Mayo during xmas week?

Oh well, nobody says that tumors ever took a week off.

Tomorrow I will get my standard regimen of blood work, abdominal MRI and straight dope from the doctor. I really have no idea what to expect. As you all know, I have been feeling quite a bit better these past weeks after getting on Demser. That is not to say that everything is perfect and of course there are more than a few things that I am worried about.

But … the tumors were essentially, statistically, static in July and I can only hope that they are still doing that. It’s hard not to attribute bumps and pains to the cancer, but I do my best to realize that even with a disease like this a person can still just get a boring old sore back once in a while.

So off we go to Rochester tonight. First a wonderful evening with Maggie, her sister, and her folks. Later this week my son Drew’s 21st birthday, the first fully-attended Enright xmas in a few years, and then back to Rochester for all the same with the entire Hepper clan.

Good news or bad, I’ll be back here to fill you all in, but probably not until next week.

Cheers and joy and follow this song to YouTube


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Quality days, quantity hours

Time for a post-autumn, pre-holiday, pre-MRI status update here at the KEE Productions blog. I’m sitting at home listening to Miles Davis and contemplating sleep. It will have to wait at least until this is posted.

As I spoke of earlier this fall, my doctor has been helping me to find the right combination of drugs to help me get through each long, long day. Due to those experiments and the largess of my insurance company I seem to have now found a regimen of pills that allow me to enjoy the better part of each day. Nothing is complete panacea but I am pretty happy with where I’ve gotten to in this regard. I’m able to stay awake and mostly vertical for 12 hours a day and I’ve been able to enjoy more time out and about (within reason). I still get very tired, very crabby, and very frustrated at least once a day. The obvious problem with medications is the side effects that can rule your life as well.

I’ve been trying to take good care of my head as well. As will be a surprise to no one, this type of illness also takes a great toll on a person’s mental state. I fill my days with healthy doses of humor and pragmatism, but that is not always enough. I’ve rejoined a men’s group that I’ve been away from for a few years, and that is certainly a welcome weekly oasis for talking about all of this crap. I also looked into the possibility of anti-depressants as the situation certainly warrants them. I was chagrined to find out that I am not a candidate for them as the drugs work directly on the hormones that my cancer has thrown so far out of whack. In effect, the treatment could make my catecholamine situation worse. How nice for me! Luckily my mood changes very directly with how I feel medically so the new adrenal medication has me in very good spirits anyway.

I’ve been staying reasonably busy now that my body is agreeing with me more and more. Family and friends are the best medicine available by far. I’ve been to a few concerts lately and will join my cousin Jeff for one this Friday night. I can finally concentrate on movies again and have started to devour them again as my Facebook posts will attest. I’ve accompanied Maggie on some of her work trips to Chicago, Las Vegas, and St. Louis. Band concerts and high school plays to see my son Gage in action. Trying to follow my son Drew’s progress at Signal Corps boot camp and picking him out of group pictures has consumed a few days! All of these activities exhaust me to distraction, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My next tests at Mayo are only a few weeks away. Time to study up for urine and blood tests so I can get an ‘A.’ Abdominal MRI as well to check on the status of my stupid fucking tumors. Time to find out if all those phantom aches and pains are real or just internal bed sores!

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