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Slightly-belated appreciations

I hope this isn’t tackily late, but I wanted to thank everyone that contributed monetarily to my sister Steph’s marathon run almost two weeks ago. Thanks to you she was able to meet her goal for the American Cancer Society and she had a hell of a run. I was there with other family members for the entire thing and it was exhausting just keeping up by car. I am truly touched by your generosity of the money that was pledged in my name.

I am well aware that my sister is one of those goofy running people that get enjoyment out of pounded pavement and stressed knees, but I am still honored that I was the impetus for her marathon run. It was awe-inspiring to see her float by every 4 miles or so. I am also so thankful to her for the noise she made to the ACS about getting pheochromocytoma information in front of them. I’ve said it before, but you really realize how rare your cancer is when you can’t find it on the Amercian Cancer Society site.

Thank you Sister Steph. I love you.


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